Annual election of board members if there are 3 positions open and the same 3 members run for the Board is the election necessary?

Answer Yes, and here's why. Your membership may only be allowed to vote for board members and to vote regarding the annual budget -- read your governing documents to confirm this. (And your membership co... Read More »

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Clinton wants us to pay for bad mortgages?

Agree totally, Hillary is looking for votes will never actually happen

Is Chelsea Clinton pregnant?

Are Stacey and Clinton married?

no they are not. Otherwise it would be Stacy kelly but its Stacy London and they are totally just friends. You would be an idiot to think otherwise

Who was the CIA director James under Clinton?

No, it wasn't created until after WWII. However, it did evolve from the Office of Strategic Services which was created for WWII and the dismantled after the war when the CIA was created.