Who qualifies as a dependent when filing taxes?

Answer According to Liberty Tax Services, children and relatives can qualify as dependents on a tax return. To qualify, the child or relative must rely on your income, pass an age and residency test and v... Read More »

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Who qualifies as a dependent on taxes?

You can claim as a dependent any child, stepchild, adopted or foster child, a sibling or half-sibling, or any descendant of any of those who has lived with you for at least half of the year. You mu... Read More »

Is my spouse considered a dependent when filing for unemployment?

Each state has its own unemployment policies, but some states do pay an additional supplement if the unemployment recipient has been financially supporting her spouse. Check your state's policy: It... Read More »

Who qualifies as a military dependent?

A dependent would be anyone the servicemember (SM) records as such. The SM must provide 51 % of that persons income. Children, elderly or disabled relatives, even unemployed parents. If they are ta... Read More »

Who qualifies as a dependent for health insurance?

Dependent coverage or family coverage is specific to each employer. However, it generally includes the insured's spouse (husband, wife, or domestic partner) and any unmarried children (natural, ado... Read More »