Who puts trust in wikipedia?

Answer That teacher sounds radical and controversial,thats pretty cool.You really shouldn't trust wikipedia, its more for basic and general ideas. And at my school you can't use it on your reports and stu... Read More »

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Can you trust Wikipedia?

yes they have many members of staff looking out for changes so they are very reliable

Is it okay to trust wikipedia?

NOT trustworthy at allI could go on and say I am a girl with 12 penises and they would post it

Would you trust wikipedia?

Use it only as a guide, it is NOT an accepted source for academic papers at many institutions. While the information is generally accurate, I'd suggest scrolling down to the bottom where they list ... Read More »

Can we trust what Wikipedia says?

It's ok for little things that you were just curious about, but don't use it for anything for school. The thing about Wikipedia is that anyone can post any information on it, so it could be complet... Read More »