Who puts speed signs on the roadside?

Answer According to the Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington, each city or county is responsible for posting speed limit signs. This is a standard practice in all 50 of the states. However... Read More »

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Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend puts his sperm on his finger then puts inside of you?

Yes, you could get pregnantYou can also become infected with a sexually transmitted disease this way. If your boyfriend has so little consideration for you as to take such risks like this (the poss... Read More »

How do you tell what the speed limit is, if there are no signs UK?

If there are no signs (I'm assuming you're driving a solo car) - 60mph on single-carriageways.70mph on dual-carriageways (including motorways).30mph in built-up areas A built-up area is defined as ... Read More »

Signs of a Bad Speed Sensor?

The speed sensor in a vehicle controls a number of different systems and can noticeably affect the way a car will run. The speed sensor can be on the transmission, differential, transaxle or speedo... Read More »

Signs of Needing a New Speed Sensor?

Speed sensors share information about the vehicle's speed with other systems in the car through multiplexing. They also maintain directional stability to determine the height of the ride and are in... Read More »