Who provides Wireless HDTV for free?

Answer It's your local TV stations, the same ones that were putting out standard TV for free. Digital TV gives them the ability to run multiple channels on the same frequency (not all of them are HD).You ... Read More »

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Can you have a wireless HDTV hookup?

As wireless technology proliferates, consumers naturally want this tech to migrate to television sets to remove unsightly wires. HDTVs are a reality and well within the range of anyone already shop... Read More »

Can a wireless router be used as an HDTV antenna?

A wireless router would not work as a HDTV antenna. Simply put, the designs of wireless routers permit them to operate only in the 2.4GHz range per 802.11 wireless standards.These frequencies are i... Read More »

HDTV's for Free, IS THIS REAL?

It could be, but there's usually a catch.

How do you get free hdtv channels?

You will need an antenna and a HDTV with a tuner built in. You will then get your local channels in HD.