Who proposed the quantum theory of energy in 1900?

Answer German theoretical physicist, Max Planck, revolutionized scientific thought by proposing that atoms emit energy in packages called "quanta." This differed from previous thought that atoms emitted e... Read More »

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Who proposed the quantum theory?

Max Planck is known as the originator of the quantum theory. He determined that energy in a subatomic particle is always radiated or absorbed in quanta units. He further proposed that energy (E) is... Read More »

Who came up with the quantum theory?

Albert Einstein is credited with devising the quantum theory of light in 1905. The theory maintains that all light is made up of tiny particles Einstein called photons. Einstein based his theory on... Read More »

Who developed the quantum theory?

Scientific historians consider Max Planck the father of quantum theory, according to Oberlin College. Planck presented his theory in 1900 that energy only existed in quantized amounts, which is kno... Read More »

Who discovered the quantum theory?

German physicist Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, who lived from Apr. 23, 1858 to Oct. 4, 1947, originated quantum theory, which led to his being awarded the Nobel Prize for physics in 1918.References... Read More »