Who proposed the income tax?

Answer The income tax was initially proposed by Congress in 1861 through the Revenue Act. This was in response to the start of the Civil War, and a need to fund the Union's war effort. According to the U.... Read More »

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Stratification of High Income, Middle Income and Low Income Nations?

The World Bank uses a system of classification of all countries' economies by income for analytical purposes. The main classification criteria is gross national income (GNI) per capita, with every ... Read More »

Okay so my boyfriend.....[proposed] O_o?

It means you're promising yourself to him...I wouldn't do it personally. It puts too much pressure on the relationship to keep it going even if it doesn't workMy bday is October 22nd, and I'm prett... Read More »

Who proposed the 3/5 compromise?

In 1783, the Continental Congress debated how a state's slaves should be counted for the purposes of apportioning representatives to Congress and other population-based figures. After much discussi... Read More »

Who proposed the"3/5 Compromise"?

James Madison proposed the Three-Fifths Compromise at the Constitutional Convention in 1783. It was initially rejected because New Hampshire and Rhode Island voted against it, but it passed four ye... Read More »