Who found that all animals are made of cells?

Answer Theodor Schwann, a German physiologist, founded modern histology with his discovery in 1839 that every animal is made up of cells. Schwann was born in 1810 in Prussia and died in 1882 in Cologne, G... Read More »

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Types of Organisms That Are Made of Plant Cells?

A typical plant cell has a rigid cell wall, a large central vacuole and structures called plastids, some of which contain special pigments, such as chlorophyll that gives the organism its color, wh... Read More »

Plants That Antidepressants Are Made From?

Many medicines that humans take for mental health reasons are either from plants directly or synthetically constructed from plant material. The reason for this is many enzymes found in plants acros... Read More »

Plants & Animals That Made Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are buried hundreds, sometimes thousands of feet underground. They have earned the name fossil fuels based on their formation: from fossilized organic matter, compressed by layers of m... Read More »

You were drunk and cant remember if you had sex or not. You were on your period and 3 days on you feel dizzy and weak. You were or are a virgin and are 17. Does that mean that you could be pregnant?

you can get pregnant whether its the first or 569457698-45 time to have sex. you won't know until two weeks for sure.YOu are definitely not pregnant if you are a virgin though. unless semen got anw... Read More »