Are non profits exempt from Pennsylvania sales tax?

Answer In Pennsylvania, nonprofit organizations are exempt from paying Pennsylvania state sales tax, as are charities and religious and educational organizations. To take advantage of the exemption, organ... Read More »

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Are profits from the sale of gold taxable?

Yes, the Internal Revenue Service considers profits from the sale of gold as capital gains. Capital gains can be short- or long-term, depending on whether the gold was held for more or less than a ... Read More »

Is it only the phone service provider that profits from the call fees?

on a premium number, such as a 900 number the subscriber shares the revenues with the telephone carrier... but otherwise no the subscriber does not share in the revenue generated from a telephone c... Read More »

How are profits split in an llc?

Limited liability companies have become a popular business form because they combine liability protection with a flexibility not available to corporations. Unlike a corporation, which must make all... Read More »

What is espn net profits?