Who printed the first book?

Answer Printing began thousands of years ago but most books didn't survive, making it impossible to pinpoint the very first printed book. The oldest known printed text is The Diamond Sutra, a scroll from ... Read More »

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When was the first Superman comic book printed?

The first Superman comic book was published in 1938. It chronicles the double life of Superman as Clark Kent, who works as a newspaper reporter for the Daily Planet and strives to keep his crime-fi... Read More »

Where was the first book printed in the Western Hemisphere?

The first confirmed book to be printed in the Western Hemisphere was a religious text called "Breve y más compendiosa doctrina Christiana en lengua Mexicana y Castellana." It was printed by Juan P... Read More »

If Wikipedia was published as a printed book like Britannia how many volumes would it have?

Currently, the English Wikipedia alone has over 3,989,813 articles of any length, and the combined Wikipedias for all other languages greatly exceed the English Wikipedia in size, giving a combined... Read More »

If Wikipedia was published as a printed book, like Britannia, how thick would it be, how many volumes?

One of the better answers is on Wikipedia itself, visual, and periodically updated: <… >.According to that, it would take about 1599 volumes, each volume ... Read More »