Who prefers water over wine?

Answer To be honest with you, I do, because I refrain from the consumption of alcoholic beverages. I don't have a problem with people who consume them in a responsible way. However, the other reason I w... Read More »

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What if a mother prefers one child to another?

That may not be completely true. Mom's tend to shower more affection on the children who need her the most. The others who have more common sense or may be older she doesn't have to pay so close at... Read More »

Who still prefers vinyl to cd and has a nice deck?

My deck is made by Aiwa,Not as good as the ones you mention but hey it does the job.I still use my vinyl.

Should I grow my hair because my gf prefers it long?

Has she seen you with long hair before? If she did go for it. It should only matter what she wants and thinks

Water or wine.........?

Every time a bottle of wine if it is dinner time.