Why Were Young Boys Playing Women's Roles in Plays of the Shakespearean Era?

Answer Theater performances in England's Elizabethan era, when many of Shakespeare's plays were written, were set up differently than in modern times, where men, women, boys and girls of all ages act toge... Read More »

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TV's Judge Judy was originally Family Court Judge Judy Sheindlin in what city?

How do I put an AVI movie on a CD or DVD so it plays in a DVD player?

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How to Get Into a Movie You're too Young to See?

You see an advertisement for a movie that you've always wanted to see. You decide that you're gonna stop putting off the trip to the theater and see that movie once and for all. But see ... Read More »

Who plays Aladdin in the Disney movie?

Aladdin was voiced by Scott Weinger in the 1992 animated Disney film; however, he did not sing Aladdin's songs. Actor Brad Kane provided the singing voice for the title character. Kane was original... Read More »