How tall is seneca rocks?

Answer Seneca Rocks is a Tuscarora Quartzite crag that juts out of the rolling Appalachian Mountains of Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area in West Virginia. The peak of the crag has 900-fee... Read More »

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How many versions of the movie"Walking Tall"are there?

There are six "Walking Tall" movies, a trilogy from the 1970s as well as one produced in the 2000s. The original "Walking Tall" was released in 1973. "Walking Tall, Part 2" came out in 1975 and "... Read More »

Where was the movie"Walking Tall"filmed?

The 2004 "Walking Tall" remake, starring Dwayne Johnson, was filmed on location in the cities of Squamish and Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada. The original 1973 "Walking Tall" biopic, about T... Read More »

Who starred in the 1973"Walking Tall"movie?

Joe Don Baker starred as the main character, Sheriff Buford Pusser, in the 1973 cinematic tale, "Walking Tall". Baker also played roles in television hits such as "Bonanza," "Gunsmoke," "The Mod Sq... Read More »

Who starred in the original movie"Walking Tall"?

Joe Don Baker starred in the 1973 movie, "Walking Tall" as legendary Tennessee sheriff Buford Pusser. Elizabeth Hartman starred as the lawman's wife, Pauline Pusser. Other actors included Gene Ev... Read More »