Which level of government plays the lead role in homeland security?

Answer You must be taking the same class I am. I haven't found anything yet but if I do I'll let oyu know. If you find a good link post it for me?

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Which is your favourite movie where music plays a big role in the storyline?

It's a tie between Moulin rouge and Sweeney Todd, The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. For Chinese musicals, there's one with Jackie Cheung, Tanaka and Zhou Xun in it, can't remember the English name.

Who played a lead role in Go Diego Go?

Veronica from the saddle club's real name is Heli Simpson. Hope this helps.

How to Get a Lead Role in a Show/Musical?

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What is the role of a lead investigator in criminal investigations?

A lead investigator of a criminal investigation is a police detective who oversees and coordinates a criminal investigation to pursue criminal charges against a suspected offender and solve crimes.... Read More »