Where was the movie"Mirrors"shot?

Answer The 2008 film "Mirrors" was filmed at a variety of locations, including the Academy of Sciences and Castel Films Studios in Bucharest, Romania; Los Angeles, CA; and New York City, NY. It is a remak... Read More »

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How long does the movie"Mirrors"last?

The horror movie "Mirrors," starring Kiefer Sutherland and Paula Patton, runs 1 hour and 52 minutes, according to Rotten Tomatoes. "Mirrors" is a remake of the Korean horror film "Geoul Sokeuro."So... Read More »

Mirrors question (the 2007 movie)?

In order for a demon to escape, it had to trap another being. But he managed to kill the demon, AND get caught himself.It was a great movie, Keiffer Sutherland did a great job. I have seen him in... Read More »

How do I put an AVI movie on a CD or DVD so it plays in a DVD player?

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What do you do if your DVD player only plays one movie?

If your DVD player only plays one movie, then you should contact your DVD player company and ask for a help or a new one.