How to Emulate Niles Crane from Frasier?

Answer Remember this is just for fun, don't go too far or take this seriously.

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Polk audio vs Niles speakers?

polk audio tends to be better in my experience, but it is a lot of opinion which is better...

How far is it from niles, ohio to baghdad, iraq?

The distance between Niles, Ohio and Baghdad, Iraq is approximately 6,300 miles or more than 10,100 kilometers. If you could drive between the two locations, it would take more than 4 days to reach... Read More »

Is"frasier"available on dvd?

All 11 seasons of the Frasier television series are available on DVD. Frasier was a very popular and successful show in the 1990s, earning dozens of Emmy awards. It was a spin-off of Cheers.Source:... Read More »

Where are cheap motel rooms in niles Illinois?

Does it have to be in Niles? Because Intown Suites or Value Place have chains in the suburbs (maybe not Niles) where if you rented at a weekly rate, it could be around $30 (but even that's pushing ... Read More »