What is the actress name that plays Carmen on the George Lopez show?

Answer Masiela Lusha

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Is the mom of max and Carmen Lopez on George Lopez going to have a child?

George and Angie do not have another child. In one episode Angie fakes being pregnant after she told George she was pregnant but the test was in accurate.

What is Carmen real name on George Lopez?

When Robert "Granddad" Freeman became legal guardian of his grandkids, he moved them from the south side of Chicago to the quiet and safety of the suburbs - also known as the boondocks. Huey and Ri... Read More »

What happened to Carmen on the show George Lopez?

Why did the actress that played Carmen on the George Lopez show leave?

the character Carmen left to go to college.i guess she wanted to try something new or maybe she didnt want to do somethingor say something that was in her script.