Who plays Barney& Baby Bop?

Answer A variety of different actors and actresses have played the roles of dinosaurs Barney and Baby Bop since "Barney & Friends" debuted in 1992. David Joyner played Barney for 65 episodes from 1992 to ... Read More »

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Who Plays Baby Bop on Barney?

The character "Baby Bop" is voiced by Julie Johnson (from 1992-2009). The person in the Baby Bop suit was Jeff Ayers. Laurie Mayeaux is also listed as performing Baby Bop in 2009, although it is un... Read More »

Who plays the role of Barney& Baby Bop?

According to the Internet Movie Database, the role of Barney on PBS's "Barney and Friends," has been played by David Joyner, Bob West, Dean Wendt, and Carey Stinson. In addition, three actors have ... Read More »

Who plays Barney on the show Barney?

Who plays B.J. on"Barney"?

"Barney and Friends" is a television show intended to educate and entertain preschool-aged children. In the show, Barney has several grade school friends who act as role models. Patty Wirtz played... Read More »