Why did the sheriff kill guy of gisbourne in BBC robin hood?

Answer knows yet! but there are many suspects such as: 1. JANINE BUTCHER2.BRADLEY MITCHELL3.PHILL MITCHEL4.RONNIE MITCHELL5. IAN BEALE ECT...ECT...ECT

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Does the Sheriff of Nottingham capture Robin Hood?

Nope, came close a couple of times. Critically wounded little John. But the whole lot of the Merry Men were eventually pardoned by King Richard and they all lived happily ever after.

Which actor played Robin in Batman and Robin?

If you're talking about the campy 1960s TV series "Batman", Robin (aka Dick Grayson) was played by Burt Ward. George clooneyChris O'Donnell (now on ncis la) was the actor who played robin in batman... Read More »

Who played robin in the movie batman and robin?

If you are referring to the Batman and Robin from 1997, then it was Chris O'Donell

Merry men and robin hood?

they stole from the rich and gave to the poorpeople are gai