Who is the boy that played Zach in tonight's Christmas movie on ABC family movie the dog who saved Christmas vacation?

Answer Michael William Arnold played Zach in the ABC Family movie "The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation". He is credited on imdb as such.

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Who played the voice of Hamm in the movie"Toy Story"?

John Ratzenberger voiced the character of Hamm, the smart-talking piggy bank come to life, in the1995 Disney/Pixar film, “Toy Story.” Ratzenberger reprised the role in the 1999 “Toy Story 2â€... Read More »

Who wrote the story 'A Christmas Carol'?

The author's name is Charles Dickens. He wrote the story during a time of sheer desperation. It was his last chance to write something and make money to support his family. He never imagined it wou... Read More »

Who is Scrooge in the story a christmas carol?

Ebenezer Scrooge is an anti character in the story 'Christmas Carol' by Charles Dickens .Scrooge is a miser and does not believe in the 'spirit of Christmas' to share human values such as benevolen... Read More »

Is the christmas shoes movie a true story?

"The Christmas Shoes" was originally a song by the contemporary Christian group New Song. The novel was based on the story in the song; it was written by Donna Vanliere. The made-for-television mov... Read More »