My age is 42 years, and i have high blood pressure from last 10 years. my bp remains 190 /115. what i have to?

Answer Seek out a doctor and he can give you blood pressure medication to keep it under control.

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Can i use last years samsung 3d glasses with this years samsung 3d tv's?

Possibly. I would take the glasses to a TV store and try them. Samsung changed their 3d sync technology last year, so it may not work.

Who played Paul in"The Wonder Years"?

"The Wonder Years" was a popular United States television series that chronicled the teenage years of Kevin Arnold, played by Fred Savage. His best friend in the series was Paul Pfeiffer, who was p... Read More »

Healwell Pharma Company has been functioning for the last 15 years The company decided to computerize the office 7 years ago Now it has decided to use the application of information system in HRM S?

If i get a 3 year warranty does a warranty last 3 years or last until i use it?