Who played the Beaver in the 1997 movie release of"Leave it to Beaver"?

Answer In the 1997 movie remake of the classic 1950s television show "Leave It to Beaver", the title character of Theodore "Beaver" Cleaver was played by Cameron Finley. The movie was directed by Andy Cad... Read More »

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Who played Larry Mondello on Leave It to Beaver?

Robert "Rusty" Stevens played the role of Larry Mondello on the "Leave It to Beaver" television series, which aired from 1957 through1963. The classic black-and-white show ran for six seasons and 2... Read More »

When did Leave it to Beaver first go on air?

The television show "Leave it to Beaver" first aired on October 4, 1957 on CBS. It ran its first season, 1957-1958, on CBS and then ran on the ABC network for the next five seasons, from 1958-1963.... Read More »

Where is the"Leave it to Beaver"house?

Although The Cleavers resided at 211 Pine St. in the fictional town of Mayfield, the actual house from "Leave it to Beaver" is located on Colonial Street in Universal Studios, Hollywood. Tourists ... Read More »

How will the transition to Digital TV affect reruns of Leave It To Beaver?

High resolution picture.You'll be able to see the shots of vodka June Cleaver starts taking at 8am to deal with living in that household. And you'll see Ward's weird collection of sex toys. And Edd... Read More »