Who played Buford in the original"Walking Tall"movie?

Answer The Internet Movie Database says actor Joe Don Baker played the role of Buford Pusser in the original 1973 movie "Walking Tall." Bo Svenson played the same character in a short-lived 1981 televisi... Read More »

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What is the closest military base to Buford, Georgia?

The closest military base to Buford in Georgia is Fort McPherson. It is located just over 44 miles away in Atlanta. Fort McPherson's sub-instillation Fort Gillem is the next closest base at just ov... Read More »

Who sings the tune played on advert on bbc for waking the apprentice which is currently being played on bbc?

I havent played soccer in 3 yrs. I played indoor recently and my legs gave out. What's wrong with my legs?

Out of practice.Need to get in training/get a physical checkup.The body is a finely tuned machine and needs to be inspected before stressing it out.You probably have poor circulation like me that c... Read More »

Patrick McGoohan played the Prisoner who may actually have been John Drake a character that McGoohan played on what series?

'Danger Man' (the title was changed to 'Secret Agent' when it was shown in the US).