Who play Zoe from sesame street?

Answer Fran Brill as Zoe who is a ballet-dancing Muppet with a pet rock, named Rocco. Zoe's birthday is on March 10.

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Who play Elmo from sesame street?

Kevin Clash provides the voice and is Elmo's puppeteer .

Why won't Sesame street my street videos play?

How do you play sesame street on sax?

its Courtney and its not really a million dollars its the same money as last time chris said that on the first episode

What channel is Sesame Street on and how did Sesame Street receive its name?

Sesame Street is on all PBS affiliate stations & on cable and satellite television systems, "PBS Kids Sprout."After a long search for a catchy name, one of the show's writers suggested Sesame Stree... Read More »