Who performed the first bungee jump?

Answer Bungee jumping is thought to have originated on Pentecost Island as part of an annual "land diving" ritual for a good harvest. The first modern bungee jump happened in 1979, when Oxford University ... Read More »

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Who was the first person to bungee jump?

Bungy, or bungee jumping has its origins with the "landdivers" of Vanuatu on Pentecost Island, in the Pacific. This tradition goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. But it is A.J. Hackett o... Read More »

Who made the first bungee jump?

According to Oracle Education Foundation, a woman from the Pentecoste Island of the Vanuatu made the first bungee jump using vines, jumping from a tree to spite her husband. The act impressed the m... Read More »

How to Bungee Jump?

Wahoo!Ever hear people say "If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you?" Well here's your chance to do just that via that awesome sport we call bungee jumping!

Places to Bungee Jump in Texas?

Hurling towards the ground at high speeds with only a harness and an elastic cord to stop you from hitting bottom can be the thrill of a lifetime for those brave enough to try bungee jumping. Wheth... Read More »