Who pays the taxes on"Extreme Makeover"homes?

Answer The taxes on homes built on ABC TV's "Extreme Makeover Home Edition" are the responsibility of the homeowner. According to Executive Producer Diane Korman, families selected for the show are urged ... Read More »

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What country pays the most taxes?

According to the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD), Denmark has the highest tax rate in the world. Citizens of Denmark pay as much as 59 percent of their income in taxes... Read More »

Who pays corporate taxes?

A business entity must pay corporate taxes if it is a regular, or C, corporation, according to SOHO America. This is different from S corporation or Limited Liability Company taxation, because C co... Read More »

Who pays taxes on gifts?

The person who receives the gift must pay the taxes. The giver can agree to pay the taxes, but it is not usually done that way. Most items that can be measured by the amount of money they are worth... Read More »

Who pays occupational taxes?

Occupational taxes are paid by professionals, such as doctors, attorneys and architects, and these taxes are, usually, charged as a fixed license fee. Occupational taxes levied by the state or loca... Read More »