Who pays the sales tax on a car in Georgia?

Answer In Georgia, buyers pay sales tax on new and used cars. The Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs advises potential buyers to consider the cost of sales tax and other fees when calculating what is a... Read More »

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Is sales tax charged on boat sales in Georgia?

Georgia sales tax is assessed on boat purchases if the sales are considered non-casual. Boats sold as part of a business would be taxed, whereas boats sold on a casual basis would not be assessed a... Read More »

Who pays sales tax on vehicles?

Anyone who buys a vehicle and signs the title as its new owner must pay the sales tax. The tax is based on the amount paid for the vehicle, or on a value determined by the Department of Motor Vehic... Read More »

Who pays the sales tax on a used car in Ohio?

When you purchase a used car in Ohio, the buyer is responsible for paying the sales tax. When a sale is made through a dealership, customers can usually ask to have the sales tax included in the fi... Read More »

Who pays transfer taxes in real estate sales?

The person selling the real estate pays the transfer taxes, according to Investopedia. At the state or local level, the transfer tax typically relates to the cost of changing the deed of the proper... Read More »