Who pays the property taxes for a condominium unit in Florida?

Answer If Florida is like most other states, a condominium unit owner pays property taxes for the unit.

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Is the roof over a single unit in a multiple unit condominium considered common property?

Read your governing documents to determine the line that separates what you own as a unit owner -- individually -- and what you own in common with all other owners. This may include limited common ... Read More »

Who pays for property insurance in a condominium?

In a condominium usually the board pays for property insurance on all common areas. An individual owner pays for 4 walls, the ceiling, the floor, the inside of the door, and everything in between.

Is condominium unit considered real property?

Yes. You can obtain a mortgage on a condominium unit, you can dictate its disposal in your Last Will and Testament, and you can deduct its property taxes on your tax returns.

Who pays property taxes on foreclosures?

After a bank forecloses on a home, it legally owns the property. This means that the bank is responsible for paying the property taxes on the home until it finds a buyer.Source:BankForeclosureSale.... Read More »