Who pays the fuel on pelosi's jet travel from home?

Answer The reason for travel determines who pays the bill. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., can have the military pay for travel if there is a need for security. If she is traveling for congressional... Read More »

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Who pays travel expenses for child custody in new jersey?

In New Jersey, expenses related to child custody and visitation travel are considered special expenses. New Jersey law states, "special expenses that are not predictable and recurring should be sha... Read More »

Who pays taxes on a home while it is being built?

The owner of the property pays the associated real estate taxes. Therefore, if the house is being built on property is owned by the homeowner, he pays taxes on it. However, if its owned by the buil... Read More »

Who pays for the trip home from basic training in the army?

After basic training, a soldier who goes home on leave pays for the ticket. The army will pay to transport the soldier to Advanced Individual Training or anywhere a soldier travels on official orde... Read More »

Who pays if you hit your husbands car in your driveway Home owners or auto insurance?

Answer Without a doubt the auto insurance. Homeowner's insurance never covers a private passenger automobile, ever! Answer But read your auto policy. Bet it says damage caused to one family vehic... Read More »