Who pays inheritance tax?

Answer In the United States, the IRS taxes inherited income like other sources of income. The recipient of the inheritance, sometimes known as the beneficiary of the estate, is liable for taxes on the inc... Read More »

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UK Inheritance Law?

When you die, your estate--the property you leave after you die--must be legally valued and probated. In most cases this is a reasonably straightforward process. A will has been left and is execute... Read More »

Do you pay inheritance tax on a POD account?

The estate tax, not the inheritance tax, applies to money received from payable on death, or POD, accounts. The full amount of the POD account is taxable if you owned it jointly with the deceased.R... Read More »

Probate Law & Inheritance?

So many people die without having a will in place. If you have ample assets, you should want to plan for your family's future without you in it. If you don't, the probate court may handle the future.

The Rules of Inheritance?

Giving an inheritance is the process of distributing a person's assets after they have died. An inheritance can consist of money, a family business, jewelry, property, and in some cases debt. If ... Read More »