Who pays for primary elections?

Answer Who actually pays varies slightly by jurisdiction, but in general, the voters in a jurisdiction pays for primaries. This is done through an election budget provided for by the law-making body (such... Read More »

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Who pays for the costs of the primary elections?

Who pays for the primary elections depends on what branch of government the election pertains to. If a city holds a primary, that city is expected for pay. In a state primary such as governor, the ... Read More »

When are the Montana primary elections?

Montana primary elections will be held on June 8th, 2010. Montanans will vote for one representative in the United States House of Representatives, selecting candidates for the 2011 State Legislati... Read More »

Why are primary elections important?

In the U.S. political system, primaries are elections run by the states allowing parties to choose their nominees for various elective offices. This is important because these nominees then represe... Read More »

Who gets to vote in primary elections?

This depends on the type of primary held in a state. A closed primary allows only people who register as a member of the party who is holding the election to vote in it. An open primary allows vote... Read More »