Who pays for neonatal care when parents can't?

Answer If you don't have insurance, and are low income then the state does. However, only if you are practically poverty level. There are some organizations as well as some states that provide assistance ... Read More »

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When both parents have equal custody who pays for child support?

The one with the high income alhough this more often applies to fathers since they usually have the higher income.

Who pays child support when parents have joint custody but one parent has primary placement?

Generally, the parent without physical custody but the court will decide.

Nursing Care of Neonatal Skin?

Newborn babies can be extremely susceptible to a variety of illnesses and conditions, including skin trouble. Because the baby's skin is not yet fully developed, it cannot protect itself, and can e... Read More »

What is neonatal nurse home care?

Neonatal home care is becoming more popular as more new parents live further away from their families and a new mother's workload increases. The need for a neonatal nurse home care does not indicat... Read More »