Who pays for damages and repairs and deductibles in an auto accident?

Answer Answer There are many scenerios to this one. It could be one person's fault or both parties faults and thus, if both parties were to blame their own insurance companies would deal with it. If it ... Read More »

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Can an unlicensed driver sue other party for damages in an auto accident?

unlicensed driver may sue for damages Unless you sue in a contributory negligence state (meaning if the plaintiff was in any way at fault they are not entitled to relief), an unlicensed driver may ... Read More »

If you are injured in an auto accident will you have to sue to recover pain and suffering damages?

Answer State laws on the recovery of damages for pain and suffering vary greatly. In lieu of a lawsuit, I recommend mediation (I happen to be a certified mediator--doesn't work with insurance compa... Read More »

Is it realistic to take someone to small claims court for damages in an auto accident?

%DETAILS% Answer If there is insurance coverage on the at fault vehicle, there should be no reason to file small claims. If the at-fault party does not have insurance, then small claims is an option.

Are parents liable for damages in Massachusetts for an auto accident that their children caused?

Parental Liability for Children's Actions Yes, they are through their homeowners policy.