Who passed the first child labor law?

Answer florence kelley

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Why were child labor laws passed?

Child labor has existed throughout American history. Over the years, numerous laws have been passed to protect children and in some cases prohibit the employment of young children.HistoryUnions be... Read More »

Any first time Moms NOT use any pain medicine OR epidural during child labor?

I had two kids no meds and all natural. My mother had both me and my brother at home with no drugs too. I figured if she can have a home birth with two healthy babies then I can. Unfortionatly my 1... Read More »

You are 38 wks 1 cm dialated 50 effaced and she is at -2 station with my first child do you think you have long before i go into labor?

If you're 38 weeks pregnant with first child 3cm dilated 100 effaced and at plus 1 station what are the chances of not going into labor for weeks?

Well, your chances are kinda slim. More than likely youre going to go into labor within the next week and a half, maybe 2. Youre around delivery time, and it sounds like that baby's ready to come o... Read More »