Who owns Federal Reserve Bank stock?

Answer Member banks of the Federal Reserve Bank are required by federal law to purchase stock in their district bank equal to 6 percent of the member bank's capital and surplus. Such stock does not carry ... Read More »

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Who owns the Federal Reserve Bank of America?

According the Federal Reserve's website, the Federal Reserve Bank is not owned by anyone. It is an independent unit of the federal government. Decisions made by the Federal Reserve bank do not requ... Read More »

Is the Federal Reserve Bank a Private Bank?

Federal Reserve banks are not private companies, according to the Federal Reserve Board. However, they do act like a private company because private banks can hold stock in Federal Reserve banks--b... Read More »

Is the Federal Reserve Bank a federal agency?

The Federal Reserve Bank is a component of the Federal Reserve System (a.k.a., the Fed), which is a government agency of the United States. The Reserve Bank is made up of 12 regional banks across m... Read More »

Who runs the Federal Reserve Bank?

The Federal Reserve is run by a chairman who is appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate for a four-year term. The board of governors are appointed in the same manner but they are ap... Read More »