Who owns the copyright of the material on wikipedia?

Answer Each and every person who contributes to Wikipedia has a stake in the copyright for those articles which they have edited.This is because when one edits an article, one does retain copyright over t... Read More »

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How to Copyright Material (US)?

Enacted by the US Congress in 1790[1], copyright gives you the exclusive right to reproduce, sell and distribute your original material. Discover whether it is possible to protect your next million... Read More »

How do I know if a song is copyright material?

In the USA, all sound recordings of any kind that were produced and published in the USA prior to 1972 are copyrighted under state laws until 2047. Anything after that is governed by federal law, i... Read More »

How to Copyright Material in Canada?

Copyright in Canada is the right to copy a creative work and exists automatically as soon as your work is created. However, registering your copyright with the Canadian Intellectual Property Office... Read More »

Is Java/Adobe "copyright material"?

What they mean is... if you steal stuff that should be paid for...If you are downloading music, movies, games or applications they will know about it. If it can legitimately downloaded free of cha... Read More »