Who owns the Volvo Group?

Answer The Volvo Group is a family of companies that produces commercial trucks, buses, construction equipment, aerospace components and engines for luxury yachts. As a publicly traded company, the Volvo ... Read More »

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Who owns Volvo Corp.?

The Ford Motor Company owns the Volvo Corporation in 2009. Ford purchased Volvo Corporation for $6.45 billion in early 1999. With this purchase, Ford uses the same body style for the Volvo line of... Read More »

Who owns Volvo Motors?

According to Volvo Motor's Corporate web page, Ford Motor Company has owned Volvo Motors since 1999. The Volvo name is owned by Volvo Car Corporation and AB Volvo, the company's former owner.Source... Read More »

Who owns Volvo cars?

As of July 2010, Ford Motor Co. currently owns Volvo Cars. However, Ford is currently in talks to sell Volvo Cars to the Chinese company Zhejiang Geely Holding Co. The sale was approved by the Euro... Read More »

What company owns volvo trucks?

Volvo is a Swedish maker of cars and trucks that is now owned by the Chinese company Geely Automotive. Volvo was purchased in 2010 from its previous owner, the U.S.-based Ford Motor Company.Source:... Read More »