Who owns the Kia automobile company?

Answer Kia Motors is owned by Hyundai. The Kia company was acquired by Hyundai in the late 1990s. Kia was founded in 1944 in Korea. Kia began selling autos in the United States in the early 1990s. Financi... Read More »

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What company currently owns the mercedes benz company?

The first Mercedes automobile was made in 1901, and the Mercedes-Benz brand was born in 1926. Gottleib Daimler was involved in its beginning stages, and the German luxury automobile company today i... Read More »

How Do You Start an Automobile Insurance Company?

Everyone who owns a car is required to get insurance, and that insurance must be continually renewed. It stands to reason that an automobile insurance company could make money for a very long time ... Read More »

What automobile company makes autos with flex engines?

Flexible fuel automobiles, or those that can accept either gasoline or E85 ethanol biofuel, are made by most large automakers the world over. General Motors trademarked and popularized the term Fle... Read More »

Who owns the Kia car company?

According to Consumer Reports, South Korean automotive manufacturer Hyundai owns Kia. Both companies comprise the business entity known as the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group. Hyundai purchased Kia in... Read More »