Who owns the Hershey chocolate company now?

Answer The Hershey Company, previously the Hershey Foods Corporation, has remained independently owned since 1894 and is not the subsidiary of any larger parent corporation. Hershey's has acquired a numbe... Read More »

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Who owns Hershey chocolate company?

The Hershey Company--formerly known as Hershey Foods Corporation--is a privately-owned company of which shareholders own small parts. The Milton Hershey School Trust, which owns the investment comp... Read More »

What year did Milton Hershey establish the Hershey's Chocolate Company?

Milton Hershey had a need for sweet chocolate to coat his caramels with, so in 1894 he started the Hershey Chocolate Company. Since that time, Hershey's has expanded to approximately 13,700 employe... Read More »

Who owns hershey chocolate?

Hershey's chocolate is made by The Hershey Company, a public company founded in 1894 and based in the town of Hershey in central Pennsylvania. The company reported revenues of $5.3 billion in 2009.... Read More »

How old was Milton Snavely Hershey when he invented Hershey chocolate?

Milton Snavely Hershey was 43 years old when he created Hershey chocolate. Hershey developed his chocolate recipe in 1900. He fell in love with chocolate making in 1893 and worked several years to ... Read More »