Does Miller&Miller Funeral Home in Valliant, Oklahoma have monuments?

Answer Miller and Miller Funeral Home in Valliant, Oklahoma does not offer monuments or headstones. They do, however, offer a host of different caskets on site as well as other funeral planning preparatio... Read More »

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What is brewing?

Brewing is just one step, though a critical one, in the process of creating beer. The brewing process stabilizes a substance known as "wort" and prepares it for fermentation.DefinitionThe Merriam-W... Read More »

What Are the Top 10 Brewing Companies?

The top ten brewing companies in the world span continents and countries from the United States to Europe, Mexico to China and Japan. Becoming one of the top 10 does not come easy, and it's import... Read More »

Any suggestions on brewing tea?

Start with good quality tea. Use loose tea leaves rather than bagged. In order to make loose leaf tea you will need a a good teapot, there are many different types of teapots each with their own ... Read More »

Brewing tea in a gaiwan?

Gaiwan is perfect for short infusions, Compared with western brewing style, usually, the brewing times for Gaiwan are very short. Here are some examples of brewing times:Dragon Well (Long Jing): Ga... Read More »