Who owns land on which condominium?

Answer Depending on the details contained in the master deed, the land may be owned by all unit owners in common, or may be owned in a different way. Read your governing documents to determine how the la... Read More »

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Who owns the land in a commercial condominium?

In a commercial condominium, land is shared by the people who own individual units within the complex, according to the Business Real Estate Ownership website. Other shared elements in a commercial... Read More »

Does the owner of a condominium also owns the land on which it is built?

AnswerCheck the language on the deed of trust. Usually, all of the owners own the land and parts of the building in common, so no one individual has the right alone to decide anything about it.

How do you find the title for a condominium unit in Alberta Land Titles?

The government of Alberta is responsible for maintaining a record of ownership of land in the Provence. Read more, below.

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