Who owns cadillac?

Answer The General Motors Corporation makes the Cadillac brand. The Cadillac Motor Company was acquired in 1909 by GM from Henry Leland for $4.75 million. Henry Leland and his son were allowed to manage C... Read More »

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Who owns the Cadillac company?

Cadillac is a division of General Motors. GM bought Cadillac in 1909--about seven years after the car company was founded. Many of Cadillac's vehicles, such as the Escalade, share major components ... Read More »

Who owns the Cadillac Ranch exhibit?

The Cadillac Ranch exhibit is 10 painted Cadillacs with their noses (hoods) buried in the ground in Amarillo, Texas, and the rear half of car remaining above ground. First "planted" in 1974, Cadill... Read More »

How did Cadillac get its name?

As unlikely as it might seem, 18th century French exploration has a lot to do with an American luxury car model. When Cadillac was founded in the early 1900s, its owners looked back 200 years in De... Read More »

What is a Cadillac?

Created as an inexpensive, yet reliable and functional alternative to the expensive, handmade vehicles of the time, Cadillac vehicles have grown to become a standard for American automobiles.Histor... Read More »