Who owns a renter occupied apartment?

Answer A Landlord

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Who owns a renter-occupied apartment?

A Renter vacated but left others in apartment?

Legally once you hit 18 you can rent your own flat, since that's when you are legally able to sign a lease contract. However being able to rent and actually renting are two different things. Most l... Read More »

Who's responsible for burglary of an apartment if not stated in the lease to have renter insurance?

The tenant is responsible for insuring his apartment and contents against theft. The Lease does not have to require insurance.BUTWhere I live the Landlord is responsible for fixing the door or wind... Read More »

Which of these helps a landlord pay for damage that renter cause to their apartment?

You play softball and hit a ball back at that pitcher putting him in the hospital. The pitcher sues you. The insurance company defends you and settles the suit. You put a pizza in the oven, forget... Read More »