Who owns Sirius radio?

Answer Sirius Radio is owned by Sirius XM Satellite Radio, a company created when Sirius Radio and XM Radio merged. The merger of the rival companies, which was approved in 2008, created one large company... Read More »

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Who owns sirius satellite radio?

Sirius Satellite Radio, a commerical-free radio service that has more than 130 channels, is run by SIRIUS XM Radio. Company headquarters are in New York City. SIRIUS XM Radio is owned by shareholde... Read More »

How do I get Sirius radio in my Ford Escape through my regular radio?

Sirius radio has become the leader in satellite radio, and you can readily have this system inside your Ford Escape. Although newer models of the vehicle offer it as an option on the car, even olde... Read More »

Can you receive XM Radio on Sirius Satellite Radio systems?

XM and Sirius were once competitors in the satellite radio market, but they recently joined forces. Now, if you have a Sirius Satellite Radio system, you can get a selection of the most popular XM ... Read More »

How to Set Up Sirius Radio?

If you want to install your Sirius radio yourself, you will need to carefully follow a few simple instructions to make sure that your installation is done properly and securely so that your Sirius ... Read More »