Who owns Saturn?

Answer As of July 2009, Saturn, LLC, Saturn Distribution Corporation, and Chevrolet-Saturn of Harlem, Inc. sold their shares to General Motors. This new legal ownership is headed by CEO Frederick Henderso... Read More »

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What company owns Saturn cars?

General Motors Company owns the Saturn brand, but as of October 1, 2009, Saturn vehicles were phased out, and only remaining older models still are available for sale. GM still is honoring warranty... Read More »

Do the wheels on a 2003 Saturn L200 fit on a 2007 Saturn Ion?

The 2003 Saturn L200 was equipped with 16-inch wheels that had an offset of 40mm, backspacing of 5.51" and 5-110 bolt pattern. All 2007 Saturn Ions, save the Redline trim, were equipped with wheel... Read More »

Is Saturn v the same as Saturn 5?

Yes. Saturn 5, V or Five was the rocket that sent man to the Moon. The V is the Roman numeral for 5.

How did Saturn get its rings?

The rings of Saturn were discovered in the early 17th century and are hypothesized to be composed of the particles once belonging to one of the planet's ancient moons.DiscoveryIn 1610, Italian astr... Read More »