Who owns Gatorade?

Answer The Gatorade brand is currently owned by PepsiCo. It is is the prevailing, highest selling drink of the sports drink market. Gatorade products command almost 80% of all sports drink sales.Source:Br... Read More »

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Which company owns the soft drink Gatorade?

Gatorade, developed at the University of Florida in the mid-1960s, is owned by Pepsico. Pepsico purchased the company from Quaker Oats in 2001. The performance drinks are available in more than 80 ... Read More »

For colonoscopy prep I was told you drink miralax and Gatorade for electrolytes, alternatives to Gatorade?

Pedialyte for kids (at most drug stores) comes in freezie form or juice that tastes good and is jammed packed with electrolytes... I'd try that before coconut since u want as much electrolytes as p... Read More »

Is Gatorade bad for the kidneys?

On One Hand: Gatorade Has A High Amount Of SodiumWhen you work out intensely for several hours and you sweat profusely, your body losses sodium. In such a case, drinking Gatorade is good for you, s... Read More »

Who was the founder of Gatorade?

J. Robert Cade, along with a team of researchers from the University of Florida, invented Gatorade in 1965. The beverage was created to help the Florida Gators football players replace fluids and e... Read More »