Who owns Ericcson Communications?

Answer Ericsson Communications is a publicly held company, meaning that its owners are its shareholders, those who own stock in the company. The corporation is arranged so that there is a president who an... Read More »

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Who owns L-3 Communications?

As a publicly traded company, L-3 Communications is owned by its shareholders, who purchase small stakes of ownership in the company in the form of stock. The intelligence and telecommunications co... Read More »

Who owns NewWave Communications?

NewWave Communications--a Missouri-based cable operator--is owned by brothers James and Tommy Gleason, who founded it in 2003. As of 2010, James is the president and CEO, and Tommy is the chairman ... Read More »

Who owns Charter Communications?

According to Google Finance, Charter Communications is a public company listed on NASDAQ. As such, the company is owned by its shareholders. The company did emerge from bankruptcy protection on Nov... Read More »

Who owns New Wave Communications?

Tom Gleason, Jim Gleason and Keith Davidson founded NewWave Communications in 2003 and own the cable company, reports the Cable Television and Communications Association of Illinois. Tom Gleason se... Read More »