Who owns Dell in Virginia?

Answer In Virginia, Dell is owned by the international parent company of the same name. This company is stationed around the world. Dell is the company that sells laptops, desktop computers, monitors and ... Read More »

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Who owns Dell, Inc.?

Dell, Inc., is a publicly traded company on NASDAQ and HKEX, and is owned by its shareholders. It is run by a board of directors and was founded by Michael Dell.Source:Dell, Inc., Website

Who owns Dell Computers?

Michael Dell is the founder and CEO of Dell Computer Corporation. Though Dell took a hiatus as CEO in 2004, he resumed his position in early 2007. Dell founded his computer company while he was an ... Read More »

Can a 17 year old in Virginia leave her home in Virginia to live with another family?

Yes! You can leave your family at any age but since your still young it is best if you stay with your family until you are old enough to get married == Answer ==You could file for emancipation.Ema... Read More »

Ocean Front Hotels in Virginia Beach, Virginia?

Choose from among several oceanfront hotels in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Oceanfront hotels offer guests beautiful ocean views and beach access. Guests can enjoy a wide range of amenities, including... Read More »