Who owns Compaq?

Answer The Compaq computer company, founded in 1982, has been owned by Hewlett-Packard since 2001, following a controversial merger opposed by several major HP shareholders. HP and Compaq merged their lin... Read More »

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What company owns Compaq computers?

Hewlett-Packard (also known as HP) manufactures, distributes, and services Compaq computers. Compaq computers for home, school and business can be ordered directly online at the HP website or the C... Read More »

Can you use recovery media for one Compaq computer on another type of Compaq computer?

HP and Compaq recovery information is specific to the model type because recovery information includes drivers necessary to run model-specific hardware such as the processor, the wireless network d... Read More »

How much ram memory does the compaq evo take?

The Compaq EVO comes with 256MB of memory and two memory sockets. A memory socket is where you insert a memory module. The most memory or RAM--random-access memory--a Compaq EVO can take is 1GB.Sou... Read More »

How do I set up my new HP Compaq computer?

Getting a new computer is exciting, and you may be tempted to rush through setup and get going. Take the time to set it up properly, though, to avoid problems right from the start. Take a few minut... Read More »