Who owns Chrysler automotive?

Answer Oddly enough, the very union that once protected Chrysler's workers' rights (The United Autoworkers' Union or UAW) now holds the largest share of its stock at 55 percent. The UAW cedes direct contr... Read More »

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Who owns chrysler corp?

The auto brand "Chrysler" is owned by Chrysler Group LLC (Limited Liability Company). Chrysler was created in 1925 by Walter Chrysler in Auburn Hills, Michigan, which is near Detroit, Michigan. Chr... Read More »

Who owns Dodge Chrysler?

Chrysler Group LLC manufactures the Dodge and Chrysler brands of cars. Chrysler Group LLC was created in 2009 after the company's then-owner Chrysler LLC filed for bankruptcy. The company is owned ... Read More »

Who owns the chrysler car company?

Chrysler Group is a limited liability corporation based in Auburn Hills, Mich. Chrysler's equity is split between the Union Voluntary Employee Beneficiary Association of the United Auto Workers (67... Read More »

Who owns Chrysler Motors, LLC?

Chrysler Motors LLC is a subsidiary of Chrysler LLC, which is owned by Cerberus Capital Management LP. Cerberus purchased the company in 2007 for $7.4 billion dollars. Chrysler still holds a small ... Read More »